Here’s a Livestream of Deadmau5 Building Synths from Scratch

Hang Out with Deadmau5 as He Builds Synths from Scratch
Got some time to kill and want to kick it with Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5 for a few hours? Thanks to Twitch you’re in luck. Over the past few months Joel has been using his Twitch account to occasionally play video games like Diablo, but also to chat with his hoard and to show what it’s like to just hang out with deadmau5 in his new mansion. Now Joel is preparing for his epic closing show at the Guvernment nightclub in Toronto, and he is letting the fans watch his preparations on his Twitch channel.

As a part of his preparation, deadmau5 has been building synthesizers from scratch in his makeshift studio. Luckily, the Twitch video has been saved so anybody can spend a few quality hours with the mau5 while he geeks out in the midst of his insane setup. For those who don’t know, Joel is planning a completely live set for his Guvernment show utilizing some of those synthesizers. It’s possible that this gear will be used in creating that 20 minute long Strobe edit that Joel has teased us with. Be sure to check out the video below and keep those fingers crossed for an upload of the epic upcoming set.