Galantis Picks Two Winners For ‘Runaway (U&I)’ Remix Contest

The four month long remix contest for Galantis‘ hit single, Runaway (U&I) has finally been decided. After significant deliberation over 530 different entries, the winner was finally announced. Claiming that they couldn’t choose just one winner, Christian and Linus of Galantis decided to pick two.

First, we have LBCK, a duo that calls themselves the “Long Beach City Kids” and can’t resist the funk. They begin their remix with slow, dramatic synths that complement the track’s haunting vocals in a Flume-esque style. The track than jumps to life, energized with an injection of disco-funk that gives the track a nostalgic feel. The undeniable groovy vibe to the track makes it a fun remix that you can’t help but tap your feet and bob your head to. The track goes in a completely different direction from the original, delighting the listener with its unique, genre-defying style.

Next up is Yacht club, an up and coming producer from Ohio. He starts his remix with a calm, atmospheric melody that slowly transitions into a darker, dramatic buildup. Yacht Club teases the listener by slowing the pace until the track explodes with powerful synths crashing in a future trap style. He keeps the track fresh by brilliantly altering the second drop to seamlessly transition into a collection of beautiful melodies that close out the track.

Similar to LBCK’s remix, Yacht Club’s take on the track has a remarkable propensity to surprise the listener and refuses to conform to a generic formula. This quality in both remixes highlights Galantis’ desire to reward remixers who took the track in new, unexplored territory. They successfully achieved their mission of exposing their fans to new and exciting types of music. Be sure to check out both tracks and enjoy!