Zhu and Goldlink Collaborate Together On Paradise Awaits Part 2
Few artists have stormed the electronic music scene the way that Zhu has this year and it looks like he plans to just keep going. The newly Grammy nominated artist, recently released the sequel to his track “Paradise Awaits,” in a collaborative effort with rapper Goldlink. “Paradise Awaits Part 2,” is a true testament to Zhu’s abilities as an overall artist instead of just a producer as the musical enigma offers up more of his own lush vocals this time around. Goldlink easily highlights the song however, with his verses flowing smoothly over the track in fiery fashion. The two artists have undeniable chemistry here. Goldlink’s effortless stream of lyrics go hand in hand with the sultry vocals and sounds that Zhu brings to the table resulting in a sensual track that some might dub as “sex music.” Whatever it is considered, it is good and we can only hope for more collaborative efforts like this from the anonymous artist. No word on a release date just yet so the stream below will have to do.