Two College Students Give Insightful Lesson on MDMA 101 [Video]

Sokko & Lyons are a college based duo out of University of Oregon. With a handful of great releases and bookings under their belt, you can tell these guys are fully committed to dance music and the people in it.

So when asked to shoot a video for a school project, they chose a topic that was relevant to them and vital for the scene they love. Their short three and a half minute vid talks about the responsible consumption of EDM’s go-to substance, MDMA, but manages to be both nonjudgmental and delightfully humorous. Sokko & Lyons break down exactly what the drug does to your brain and its chemicals, and further explains why maybe your second or third pill of the night isn’t as effective as the first. They also touch lightly on how to keep yourself fresh after a night on the town, explaining the importance of replenishing minerals and vitamins after a long night of partying.

So definitely check out the video below and (hopefully) laugh along with the humor, and you might just learn a thing or two you didn’t know before. Another side note that might as well be added, if you enjoy the tune that the guys have playing in the background, you can download their single ‘Streets’ for free off of their SoundCloud page.