Carlos Serrano Easily Just Produced The Mashup of the Year [Interview]

Carlos Serrano

Kanye West vs. Sam Smith – Tell Me I’m The Only One

You won’t see us write too many articles about mash-ups, but when your track is covered by TIME Magazine, you must be doing something right. Carlos Serrano uploaded ‘Tell Me I’m The Only One‘ on November 18th and since then, it has garnered almost 2 million plays. It may not be the most flashy tune out there, but his take on Kanye West‘s ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing’ and Sam Smith‘s current hit ‘I’m Not The Only One’ has people on the internet drooling all over their keyboards. It’s already been dubbed the ‘mash-up of the year’, but when asking how he so perfectly intertwined the two artists, the young producer simply told us that “if the music is good, people will enjoy it.”

Kanye West vs. Sam Smith – Tell Me I’m The Only One (Carlos Serrano Mix) | Download 

Serrano, who has also been featured by Billboard and Rolling Stone, seems to have quite the knack for seamlessly incorporating some of hip hop’s biggest names into his mash-ups. Some of his previous productions have included Childish Gambino, Tupac, Snoop Dogg and Jay Z, but when it comes to this particular one, he said that “the first thing that came to mind when I heard Sam Smith’s instrumental for “I’m Not The Only One” was Kanye West’s “Graduation” album. It has that soulful vibe so I knew I had to add some Kanye West vocals.”

Although he feels there is no secret formula when it comes to making a killer mash-up, whatever Serrano is doing, he should keep on doing it. Sam Smith has already taken notice of the track and it wouldn’t surprise us if it inspires him to pick up the phone, give Kanye a call and create a real life collaboration. If that does end up happening and they need a producer, we think Carlos Serrano would be the perfect man for the job.