Avicii’s Two Monstrous Collaborations with Madonna Have Leaked

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While the turkey was being served this past Thanksgiving weekend and us Americans were busy stuffing our faces with food, the internet was abuzz with new details regarding two potential unreleased Madonna tracks. Easily one of the biggest pop-stars of the last half-century, we are definitely thankful for two upcoming tracks that go by the titles, “Wash All Over Me” and “Rebel Heart”, in his upcoming album. According to an Instagram post that dates back over 9 months ago, the latter track is clearly a production between the two super-stars.

With the two having already worked together back in 2012 on “Girls Gone Wild”, the co-production should come as not much of a surprise to both Madonna and Avicii fans alike. But what does come as a surprise is the leak and how the songs got released to the public way before they were supposed to. According to the tweet below, Madonna’s manager, Guy Oseary, clearly had something to say about this huge mishap.

Avicii ft. Madonna – Rebel Heart

Avicii ft. Madonna – Wash All Over Me

Via: Billboard