Aphex Twin Answers Questions from Skrillex, Caribou, and 23 Other Artists
2014 Grammy nominated artist, and legendary electronic music producer, Aphex Twin, answered 25 questions that were asked by artists from Caribou, to Moderat, Nicholas Jaar, and even Skrillex. This interview was the result of Groove magazine’s prompting of 25 different artists to ask the questions they have always wanted to be answered from Richard James, aka Aphex Twin. For those of you unfamiliar with his music, Aphex Twin has been accoladed by many, including the established UK news source The Guardian, as being, “the most inventive and influential figure in contemporary electronic music”. He continues this trend with latest news surrounding him where James has asked a programmer to create a piece of music software based on mutation.
Few can claim the influence to a genre of music that Aphex Twin has been able to achieve, active since 1985, James is among the pantheon of foremost music pioneers from across genres. The artists who were engaged into asking questions for James range in their questions from sources of inspiration, to the process of creating music, and more. It is apparent through these questions that many of these artists are actually fans indirectly communicating with one of their idols. Head on over to Groove to check out the rest of the interview.