[Stream] Fan Preserves and Finalizes Deadmau5′ Unfinished Tune

Of the many things I miss about the ‘old days’ of electronic music, Deadmau5’s active Soundcloud and Ustream are two. A platform to hear his works-in-progress and iterative progression of tracks, Joel Zimmerman’s Soundcloud was a treasure trove of unreleased works, while his live streams of producing on Ustream were an intriguing and transparent look into the musical mastermind behind the mouse head. Not a total loss of content, but for a price, Zimmerman’s subscription-based ‘Deadmau5 live’ site now serves as the chimera of the previously free platforms.

Still, some diehard fans are resurrecting the gems of Deadmau5 past in a YouTube video of  “some song Joel streamed but didn’t release. Pieces chopped together into a song …”. Though Zimmerman claims to have no recollection of this track, he did give the upload a stamp of approval on Twitter yesterday.

The 7 minute ambient track is dripping with that unique, ethereal ambiance that Zimmerman is renown for, and we are so thankful for fans like his who continue to preserve and percolate otherwise long lost pieces like this. Listen to the track below!