Olle Cornéer of Dada Life Opens Up About His Battle With Cancer

For those of you who have taken a trip to Dada Land recently, you’ve probably noticed that the stage was looking a bit empty. Today, Olle Cornéer took to Facebook to let fans know that he has been absent from touring as a result of his battle with cancer. Although he does not get into specifics, he mentions that this is “the best cancer you can get” and that he expects to be back on the road before the end of the year. That’s not the only good news though, as Corneer also let us know that he’s been feeling more creative than ever as of late. After producing a series of tracks that are unlike anything you would hear in a Dada Life set, he’s decided that it’s time to release them and you can check them out over here.

Fans of the Swedish duo might recall that this isn’t the first health scare that the guys have faced, as the other half of Dada Life, Stefan Engblom, had to have his whole large intestine removed earlier this year. Also, it’s hard to not think of Bingo Players’ Paul Bäumer, who courageously fought cancer up until his passing this past December, during this time. Just like they did with Paul, we imagine the dance music community will rally around Olle and give him the strength to continue his battle.

From us here at EDMTunes, get well soon, Olle, and we hope to rage with you again in the near future.