Human Life & Anabel Englund – El Diablo (Original Mix)

 Play Human Life Human Life & Anabel Englund - El Diablo (Original Mix)Human Life & Anabel Englund – El Diablo (Original Mix)

Wayward dance music songbird Anabel Englund has lent her gorgeous, wandering vocals and collaboration prowess to enigmatic, in and out talent Human Life’s El Diablo. Marking the second time the two have collaborated (the first being Hot Creations treat, ‘Falling’). Leading off with an aggressive top line before the marching, 80s-tinged drum rack and beat kick in, ‘El Diablo’ is somehow very true to its title. There’s something very devilish about this track, and it starts with Ms. Englund’s entrancing ballad. Sleazy vibes, hazy boulevards, and cigarette strewn green rooms weave their way through your conscience as ‘El Diablo’ winds its way through its progression, making for a wicked pre-peak anthem. ‘El Diablo’ officially releases on November 24th via Win Music and the legendary Exploited records.