Festival Trap Meets Future Bass in Collaboration Between LooKas and SMLE

LooKas x SMLE - 6 A.M.

LooKas x SMLE – 6 A.M.

Lookas and SMLE adds up to be one of the more interesting collaborations of 2014. Lookas is well known for his festival trap sound and hard-hitting records while SMLE produces music that is essentially the aloe for Lookas’ tunes. Meshing these two polar opposite styles definitely raised some eyebrows for each artist’s respective fan bases. An interesting fact that you may or may not have picked up from this collaboration is that both of these artists are managed by the same agency, KNCTRNL. It is nice to see artists under the same agency actually working together and it is pleasantly surprising to see how contrasting styles can work together. ‘6 A.M.’ boasts the percussion foundation of Lookas, while featuring the gentle yet thick chords of SMLE. They’ve deemed the production to be classified as future trap. When it comes to genres these days, everything is starting to blend in. Regardless, music is music and as long as it sounds good, that is all that matters. Enjoy this fun collaboration between the two KNCTRNL artists.