Rustie-Lost [VIP]

Rustie-Lost [VIP]Rustie-Lost [VIP]

Coming off an album that received less than stellar appraisal from fans and critics, Rustie has reproduced Lost, the tenth track off his last album, Green Language. The variation in production [VIP] of the original track provided, to many, a sigh of relief that assured fans he had not lost the innate, provocative Rustie-ness that seemed to be lacking in the album as a whole, but what had been so abundant in past albums like Glass Swords. The shining new version of ‘Lost’ transforms the original, characterized by a slowly moving melody and admittedly underwhelming drop, into a quick paced, playful, laser hip-hop and trap inspired bangarang that captures the creativity and enthusiasm that listeners are used to hearing from the native Scotsman. While the new direction Green Language takes can be appreciated in terms of artistic experimentation, it is nice to hear a track from the album tweaked to contain the serrated synths, accelerating snares, and maximalism listeners are accustomed to hearing from Rustie.