That Look

Flume – That Look

It looks like a little Vimeo-upload mistake has the internet in a bit of frenzy right now, and to be honest I’m surprised the whole system hasn’t come crashing down. We aren’t complaining though, because it’s uncovered an unreleased Flume track, and boy O’ boy is it a stunner. According to users on the reddit thread “r/trap“, a video was uploaded to Vimeo by Flume’s video crew and they neglected to make the video private; of course the video was quickly taken down, but the people of the internet managed to salvage (…rip) the video and its slowly spreading across other portals like YouTube. Naturally there is some skepticism, but it’s well worth checking out.

Sure it’s not going to sound like it will when it’s fully released but the quality is more than sufficient to get a good listen in. With ‘That Look’, Flume once again flexes his creativity with another out the box production. To start, we’re slowly laid to down on a bed of soft piano chords and soothing vocals. Given the lack of information, we can’t say who the vocalist is but her voice meshes perfectly with the music. It all comes crashing down to huge isolated kicks and percussive instruments, and wobbly synth work reminiscent in flow to his Lorde remix. We can’t guarantee how long these YouTube videos will last as they gain views, so hurry and check it out while ya can; there’s no telling when an official release will surface!