Feed Me and Deadmau5 Bond Over New Spor Album

Some of our fans have griped about the amount of coverage we give Twitter rants; this is one of those times that you will thank us. Feed Me took to his Twitter earlier to let us know one simple thing: he will be mastering an album as Spor. But that wasn’t the end; he then went on a rant about the EDM industry as a business, and our trusty friend Deadmau5 got involved. Now, if you remember, we sat down with Feed Me back in August at the beginning of his Teeth Tour in NYC. During the interview we learned that Feed Me, the artist, is a man who is extraordinarily passionate about his music, and takes great pride in everything that he does, and cares little about the business side. He had a few things to say about the business aspect of EDM, but when asked what his interaction was with Deadmau5. He stated that:

“I haven’t heard from him [Deadmau5] in a long time. I’ve seen him pop up on Youtube and Twitter now and again buying people coffee…but I heard some of his new album and I liked some of it but I’m not working with Mau5trap anymore and just been focusing on my new label (Sottoe Voce)”

We only highlight this so that we may give a bit of context to the flurry of tweets below. Fast forward to earlier this week when this exchange occurred:

This was Friday. And on Monday, Feed Me started sending out these tweets.

Then Deadmau5, as Feed Me’s former label head, got involved, and the two went back and forth.

How did this all end, you may ask? A little like this:

Photo Credit: Rukes