DJ Craze Shows Us ‘#RealDJing’ With An Unbelievable New Slaves Routine

A few months back, A-Trak took to Instagram to talk about #RealDJing. He discussed how every DJ has their own style, but one thing that all of his fellow musicians need to do is take more risks. Today, DJ Craze uploaded a video that shows us exactly what the World Champion turntablist was talking about. Before getting into his routine, we see clips of Paris Hilton, Pauly D and Steve Aoki performing while Daniel Tosh’s well-known commentary on DJing plays in the background. Then, DJ Craze quickly proves the comedian wrong with his insane ‘New Slaves Routine‘ set to DJ Snake’s remix of the Kanye West mega hit and some fitting quotes from West. In a time where there are reports of 1 million dollar gigs and pre-recorded sets, it is refreshing to see that there are still some people out there keeping the art of DJing alive. Hopefully, this video will inspire some other artists to come forward and show us their take on #RealDJing.