Style Of Eye & Lars Allertz – Love Looks (Laidback Luke Remix)

Style Of Eye & Lars Allertz - Love Looks (Laidback Luke Remix)

With a discography like Laidback Luke’s, with numerous tracks that many would consider as timeless dance music, it can often be disappointing to see such an artist not live up to their expected potential. When one expects to hear the touching melodies and chord progressions that send your heart to your throat, Laidback Luke delivers the detuned stutters and unimaginative low-end booms that have been the plague of 2014.

His latest remix of Style Of Eye & Lars Allertz’s tune Love Looks is a generic big-room festival track. The entire first quarter, up until the minute mark, this “Love Looks” remix is devoid of soul as it painfully builds into something fit solely for a mass-market festival set. After the first drop, the dynamics remain squashed to infinity as the remix bangs away just like every other big-room tune we have heard.

Check out the tune below and see for yourself, brought to you by Ultra Records.