I See MONSTAS - Circles (Mat Zo Remix)

I See MONSTAS – Circles (Mat Zo Remix)

By this point in time, Mat Zo has shown his versatility as a producer and in turn, his dominance throughout the scene. His latest remix, Circles, by UK based I See MONSTAS, is a testament to just how skillful he actually is. The track opens with a deep sub bass that reverberates throughout your body upon first listen. As the ambient sounds and lingering vocals build the track up, it is soon met with another deep bassline that leads into a wobbly-drumstep-filled drop. Zo’s abilities shine in the breakdown though where he keeps the song soulful even after the heavy bass heard just seconds before. Whether it’s drum n’ bass, dubstep, or house, Mat Zo does it all, and sometimes he’ll even melt them all together in one track like he does for this “Circles” remix. No word on a release date just yet for this monster remix so until then, enjoy the stream below.