Play music the right way with Openmix, the world’s smallest audio mixer


As smartphones continue to become more advance and reach the hands of consumers, it has become increasingly common (and easy) for our phones to replace larger or less capable devices. As a result, we find ourselves using our phones where computers and old Djing systems once reigned supreme; these replacements have been made possible through apps like Algoriddim’s “Djay” or even Traktor for iOS.

For many people, this means entire parties can be run from any iOS or Android phone. Since it is so easy to switch between different devices through use of a headphone jack, partygoers often feel it is their turn to play the role of the DJ and are compelled to rip out the AUX cord from their friend’s phone and stick it into theirs. The moment that happens is the moment the party vibe craters. Stopping the music, for any amount of time, is the ultimate buzzkill (ok…maybe aside from the police coming over). Another issue derives from the inability for the “DJ” of the night to mix into the next song, and has to simply click ‘next’ or let it play out.

Luckily, Openmix has developed a miniature audio cross fader with two male headphone jacks to enable mixing between two different phones.  It also features an additional female jack for the actual audio out. This party-miracle device will help save parties everywhere from vibe-killing AUX-rippers. This simple tool, would be available for $39, and paying up to $59 will get you the Openmix party kit, which includes speakers. Unfortunately this Kickstarter project has yet to reach it’s goal of $65,000, and only has 18 days left; if you want a chance at being a party-savior, we highly recommend backing the project to get this out on the market as soon as possible. If you’d like to check it out, head over to their Kickstarter page and donate to the cause.