[UPDATE] Jack U NOT Booed Off Stage At Burning Man After Playing “Turn Down For What”

PulseRadio is reporting that at this past weekend’s Burning Man Festival, Diplo and Skrillex -playing in tandem as Jack U–  were called on to fill in for an angry Seth Troxler, and attendees were none too pleased. Seth Troxler was scheduled to play at the Robot Heart Camp, however he became upset when festival organizers denied his personal guests stage access and refused to perform. Jack U was brought in quickly to replace Troxler, and the substitution went smoothly for a moment. However, apparently soon after “Turn Down For What” began thumping from the festival’s speakers, festival goers expressed their discontent with the replacement performers. Admittedly, Seth Troxler and Jack U play to two very different tastes, so it isn’t all that surprising that fans at the Robot Heart Camp weren’t pleased with the last minute switch. In attempt to please the grumbling crowd, the set was cut short and replaced with a seemingly more appropriate performance by Tale of Us, a duo very much in the same vein as Seth Troxler, and also a perennial member of the Resident Advisor Top 100 DJs list.


As is being reported by EDM.com, Jack U was not booed off the stage at all, and that story was severely misconstrued. What actually happened was the pair threw down about an hour of techno-centric beats (definitely playing to the Robort Heart crowd), before satirically CONCLUDING their set with a quick burst of “Turn Down For What.” There was a small smattering of boos, mostly in jest, and everyone was on the same page that it was the final song of an otherwise great set, and a joke. Diplo and Skrillex played multiple sets all over the grounds during the festival, and definitely did it right at all of them in terms of crowd reading and control. 

via Pulse Radio