David Gravell – The Last Of Us (Official Music Video)


David Gravell – The Last of Us (Official Music Video)

Big things are on the horizon for Armada, as they really begin to roll out their rebranding. Armada Captivating, previously known as ‘Captivating Sounds’, has started the week off the right way with the release of their first ever music video!

David Gravell‘s ‘The Last of Us’ is the first release ever on the new label, and to celebrate its release today, they’ve dropped the corresponding music video. In the video, we are given a brief glimpse into a day-in-the-life of young Gravell; from the airport and ground transports, to the climax of the performance, we see exactly what Armada Captivating strives to be: reimagined and reinvigorated trance. Or as they like to call it, Trance 3.0. The mixture of insanity and serenity depicted in the show only gets us more excited for the future of both David Gravell and Armada Captivating; check out the video ‘The Last of Us’ above, or head over to iTunes or Beatport and buy it today!