Cloak & Dagger Festivals Brings Real House Music to the Mile High City

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Festivals in the U.S these days, while amazing, generally feature repetitive lineups that focus on big room and trap sounds, while shuffling more traditional house genres off to the side stages. It’s the current status quo, and while unfortunate, it makes sense considering the American infatuation with what Carl Cox has called “entry level dance music.”

In comes Cloak & Dagger festival -a one day event that ignores top “name brand” talent and instead focuses on what’s important: the music, the feel, and the scene. Top notch local curators and event promoters The Hundreds have put on an absolutely stunning lineup for house heads and club-centric listeners. Cashmere Cat, Gigamesh, Justin Martin, Thomas Jack, and Kidnap Kid highlight a festival that features dozens of exemplary house acts from the U.S and from across the pond. And the point of the festival, unlike most, isn’t to simply stick a DJ in a room and let him play his hits for an hour -that’s the exact opposite goal. Being held at Denver’s City Hall Ampitheatre, as well as local hotspot for house music, Club Vinyl, Cloak & Dagger’s overall mood will be dark, and secluded -as a proper club night should be. It combines amazing headliners with the feel of a sultry evening out on a dimly lit dance floor, not a quick, disconnected one hour set on a pop-up stage.

The Hundred founder and the man behind the festival, Brennen Bryarly, has perhaps put it best: “This festival is based off the future of electronic music, not what’s already been rinsed and repeated.” With that in mind, if you’re a resident of Denver, this is one festival you are not going to want to miss. Use the link above to purchase tickets. You can also enter the giveaway we are running in partnership with The Hundred for a ticket to Saturday’s festivities. ¬†Also, be sure to check out the Cloak & Dagger playlist when we formally introduce it on the site tomorrow. 20 songs to get your mind right before Saturday. We’ll see you on the dance floor.

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