Bali Bandits – Welcome (Dyro Remix)

Bali Bandits - Welcome (Dyro Remix)

Over the past two years, Dyro has gone from a seemingly unknown DJ, to one of the best in the world. Being mentored by his best friend, Hardwell, and developing a skill set all his own, Dyro’s massive jump into the DJ Mag Top 100 came as no surprise. In the wake of his newest release, the young, captivating Dutchman continues to add to his impressive resumé by starting his own imprint WOLV. With Dyro’s label on a mission to find the newest and best upcoming talent, WOLV will strive to be the home for the innovative next generation of up and coming producers.

With Dyro releasing the first official track on his imprint titled, ‘WOLV’, the Bali Bandits become the first wave of young contenders to take their skill set to this newly founded label. With the initial track, Welcome, focusing on bone rattling big room sound, Dyro decided it was only right to create the first official remix to this newly signed track. What Dyro is able to do is add his signature balance of production value with a melodic vibe, unseen with the original track, while also keeping a large amount of the original “Welcome” intact.

What do you think of Dyro’s newest remix?