Zedd Shares Latest Remix of ‘Rude’ by MAGIC!

It was only a matter of time until someone unleashed a soulful, energetic remix of everyone’s favorite overplayed tune of the summer: “Rude” by MAGIC!, and it’s only right that the one to remix it is everyone’s favorite mainstream wonderkid Zedd. While Audien has been the star of the remixes this summer, Zedd has thrown his hat into the conversation by taking the catchy tune “Rude” and putting a progressive festival spin on it. While the song has been floating around the internet since Zedd’s set at Lollapalooza, he has since taken to his Instagram to offer an official preview, which is set to release on September 2nd. Zedd leaves the vocals intact for everyone to sing along to before building into a definitive crowd pleasing, synth-laden drop. While it may not be “Pompeii,” Zedd provides another party pleaser that you will be hearing in every bar, club and college house party across America for the next six months. Be sure to grab the tune on September 2nd so you can impress your friends with your excellent taste in music.