Dismantle Previews New Album Via Toolroom Knights Mix

Hailing all the way from the UK, Brighton based DJ and producer, Dismantle, has been on a meteoric rise through the underground electronic music scene. His ability to combine elements from Drum N Bass, UK Garage, Grime, and more traditional house has helped him form a sound stylistic to his own. It’s no surprise then that this unique melding of genres has gained the Brit recognition and support from the likes of Diplo, Annie Mac, Skream, Skrillex, and more recently Mark Knight. Through Knight’s Toolroom Records, Dismantle will be releasing a compilation album titled Toolroom Knights Mixed by Dismantle, that features not only the best in sub driven house, dubstep, and grime, but also four exclusive tracks from the young man himself. Dismantle did an exceptional job on these tracks, as clear stylistic differences and influences can be heard from each one.

Right off the bat, “7am” sets the tone for Dismantle’s production capabilities. The track opens with a few snares, starting itself up easy just like you would your morning at 7am. A trigger introduces a controlled bassline that lays down the groundwork for the rest of the track. A second trigger brings in the breakbeats and the song is off and running. The track moves along quickly as different components are carefully injected into the track to keep it fresh. Midway through you might be found asking yourself, “wait, how did I get here?”

The second track “Escape” draws influence from grime beats, switching out a long flowing bassline in exchange for more choppy breaks. While the percussive claps and high synths carry the song through, the low bass kicks in at intermittent moments to string everything together. The track keeps you guessing, highlighting itself through thoughtfully placed lasers and other samples, ensuring that the track doesn’t go stale.

“Computer Freak” Dismantle’s third track, is a bit more upbeat and somewhat reminiscent of a dancehall track. The track opens up with bright but subtle horns and whistles before introducing the offbeat drum rhythm that is the foundation of the song. Gradually, the faint melody that is heard in the distance grows louder and takes control over the song. Together, the offbeat rhythm and simple melody help create this unique groove that is hard not to dance to.

The last track by the Brighton native is “Clearance,” and it does not disappoint. The track begins with some steady claps and high hats, setting itself up to sound like a traditional house piece. However, right when you think you know the direction that the song is going in, it surprises you with smooth and low sub-bass that reverberates throughout your body. When the song breaks down halfway though, it gives you a chance to recollect yourself through a light airiness. When the bassline returns however, it kicks in harder than it did the first time instantly forcing you back into the groove you found yourself in before. It’s a track like “Clearance” that shows just why Dismantle has skyrocketed through the underground scene.

Toolroom Knights Mixed by Dismantle will be available on iTunes on August 4, but in the meantime you can pre-order the album here. And if you’re really anxious for the compilation, make sure to listen to the carefully constructed mix he created for the album below!