Say Lou Lou Covers Daft Punk’s “Instant Crush”

Say Lou Lou Covers Daft Punk's

The Australian/Swedish twin sister duo, Say Lou Lou just released a beautiful stripped-back cover of Daft Punk’s mega-hit, ‘Instant Crush’ earlier this week on YouTube. The original track was released on Daft Punk’s latest album Random Access Memories and featured vocals from Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas. The lovely ladies of Say Lou Lou teamed up with Norwegian nu-disco producer Lindstom to create an etherial revamping of ‘Instant Crush’, taking the original version that was laced with upbeat synthesized vocals, slowed it down and gave it an entirely different feel. The beginning of the cover opens with entrancing, pure and powerful female vocals, already setting this version worlds apart from the original track. Say Lou Lou and Lindstom stripped the song of its electronica sound and gave it a disco-funk makeover while still managing to keep the chorus catchy and recognizable. The female duo’s take on ‘Instant Crush’ creates an airy and other-worldly atmosphere, transporting its listeners into a disco dream-pop world while still maintaining the musical integrity of the original version. Overall, this cover is a much appreciated and refreshing take on ‘Instant Crush’ and is worth the listen.

Say Lou Lou are set to play a headlining show at London’s Heaven on December 4 and are expected to release their debut album Lucid Dreaming on February 2 with Columbia. Check out their cover below!