Sam Smith – Stay With Me (Cole Plante Remix)

cole plante sam smith stay with me

Sam Smith’s sultry single Stay With Me has received the remix treatment from quite a few artists and with good reason. Each time you hear Sam Smith’s incredible vocals and the resonant piano chords, it still feels fresh and unforgettable.  Cole Plante has put his spin on it and it doesn’t disappoint. Cole Plante’s “Stay With Me” remix is ethereal and just as unforgettable as the original, emphasizing the vocals while adding an undulating bass line.  Cole Plante posted the remix with some thoughts about remixing the beautiful original:

What can I say about this track besides Sam’s vocals are incredibly haunting and his lyrics pierces the soul of the millions that can relate to it such as I did. Question was how do you remix something so perfect in it’s original form? As I sat and listened to each and every note, chord progression and element that went into the original, I knew I wanted to build this remix not as a normal remix but one as if Sam and I sat together in a room with singing it acapella. From the original parts I only kept the vocals & the light organ that comes in at the very ending & built everything else around it from scratch. It was a true honor to remix this and I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved working on it.