Rameses B - The Fallen [Bass for Autism]

As part of the Bass for Autism movement, Rameses B has recently released his track ‘The Fallen’ so that all proceeds go towards autism research. Through Rameses’ sentimental and touching atmospheres,’The Fallen’ stands as an aural inspiration to all the violence in the modern world, while expressing loss and forgiving oneself through music. Few can breath as much life into their music as Rameses, as this song truly comes alive through its vivid imagery, seamless low-end progression and melodic evolution. The powerful bass line churns with raw emotion, complimenting the simple yet sophisticated melodies that ride over the primary pulse. A series of vocal samples intertwine first to the forefront and then to the backdrop of the tune to create a sense of depth. Head over to the Bass for Autism Bandcamp Page to purchase your copy of the Volume 2 compilation that includes this killer tune, and help support further autism research.

Rameses B – The Fallen | Purchase