Phantogram - Fall In Love (NEUS Remix)

French producer, NEUS has just reworked Phantogram’s hit Fall in Love into an immense, groovetastic jam. Phantogram’s original was a huge success for the New York duo, as fans around the world were captivated by their seamless blending of alternative rock and electronic sounds. “Fall in Love” garnered much attention, including that of NEUS, a producer who was “amazed by the music video and song” and was inspired to create his own rendition. NEUS’s remix delves into the warm world of deep electronica, flipping the track from a hard hitting rock burner into a groovy, atmospheric house piece. Sara Barthel’s vocals shine vigorously on the track, as her voice cuts straight through the dark mood NEUS lays out. NEUS had a similar approach to his remix of Pharrel William’s “Happy” earlier this year. That track too churned the original into a funky, shadowy mirror of itself. If these two remixes are any indication, it seems that NEUS is finding a sweet spot in his production skills. “Fall in Love (NEUS Remix)” is available for listening pleasure below.