Electric Zoo’s Anti-Drug PSA for ‘Come To Life’ Campaign Leaked

With the return of Electric Zoo at the end of this month on Randall’s Island, the festival’s promoter, Made Event, has launched a micro-campaign entitled “Come To Life” to spread awareness about the dangers of drug use at events. Attendees are asked to consider the healthier alternative of “coming to life” through the audio and visual stimuli rather than through illicit drug use. Made Event announced that a two minute film entitled “The Molly” would be required to watch before activating wristbands and entering the venue. The PSA was written and produced by the creator of the popular HBO series Dexter, James Manos, Jr. with co-writing credits going to his 19 year old daughter, Ellie Manos.

With the announcement of the program Monday afternoon, the anti-drug PSA was reportedly going to be made available online soon. Looks like we are getting a sneak peak earlier than expected as the Youtube link for “The Molly” was leaked on reddit, according to Thump. The video features a chatty young man in the crowd trying to vibe with a girl. While engaging in the shared excitement of being at the show, the guy rubs a substance (presumably “molly”) all over his teeth and ingests more shortly after. He sweats profusely while rapidly losing control of his senses, and everything around him fades to black. The message of “don’t miss the moment” and “be present” fade into screen at the end.

One major problem with this PSA is that there is no mention of the proper steps to take if you, a friend, or even a stranger are teetering too close to the edge. Hopefully, Made Event will distribute informational pamphlets outlining those details so that the concert goers will be better equipped with pertinent knowledge. Despite that one pitfall, the “Come To Life” program and accompanying PSA is a step in the right direction when it comes to festival/concert/rave promoters directly addressing the issue of drug use at events.

If you’re going to take the risk, please party safe and watch out for your fellow ravers/ragers!

Visit http://electriczoofestival.com/ctl/ for more info.