I Can't Take It

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If you follow Dillon Francis on Instagram (which you should…because it’s awesome) you may recall his post with a little tease of a moombathon track. Or maybe you saw him at a mega festival like EDC, and heard the track live? Well for those of you who’ve been waiting to hear the finished version, it’s online and ready to blast.

‘I Can’t Take It’ is the latest preview from his first artist album Money Sucks, Friends Rule, and it’s a big one alright. In the words of Francis himself, the song is about,  “everyone needing to stop pidgeonholing producers into one genre, and also about the fucking Taco Bell on Beverley constantly running out of Fire Hot Sauce because I can’t fucking take it no more!”

Well to be honest then, we kinda have to thank that Taco Bell for running out hot sauce because this is pretty freaking huge. A simple intro with a punchy kick and plucky melody, leads into a heavily distorted “I can’t take it no more” vocal, which is pitch-bent like crazy through the build up; the drop is different from the in-progress Instagram preview, but is much cleaner and has an certain attitude about it that practically screams…well…”I can’t take it.”

If you’re lovin’ what you’re hearing, pre-order his debut album on iTunes. Better still, if you wanna see him live, Dillon has a huge North American tour going on, that’s going to run through to the new year. For more information and tickets, head over to the official website.