23 year-old Tempe, Arizona-based producer Honest has injected his latest remix of Alex Wiley’s track ‘Vibration’ with that deep “lush house” feel recently popularized by the likes of Duke Dumont, Henry Krinkle and Kygo. A style of house that goes by many names including “tropical house” and simply having “beachy vibes” emanating from the track, Honest’s latest lush house remix immediately mentally transports you to white sand beaches, palm trees, and crystal clear turquoise ocean waters as the summer slowly comes to a close.

Honest’s remix of ‘Vibration’ meticulously utilizes the original cut’s vocals while underpinning his own mix consisting of warm synth tones, grooving beats and slow-burning melodies set a top a layer of charming drum kicks, plucky guitars and the occasional seagull chirping. The package makes for a thoughtful production that neatly wraps up the summer into a well-produced 5 minute track. Stay tuned for future drops from Honest on his Soundcloud.