[Video] Haywyre Plays Beautiful Live Remix of Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’

Haywyre‘s star got a whole lot brighter this week when a video of him remixing Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” went viral. You may remember Haywyre from his ‘Two-Fold Pt. 1’ EP which garnered a huge amount of support from names like Noisia and Krewella’s Jahan. The video shows Haywyre playing an electric keyboard and creating a brand new tune right before our very eyes. The tune only holds the original vocals and a bit of the original beat, with most of it being reworked by Haywyre on the keyboard. This is less what you’d consider ‘electronic’ and more of a jazz piano piece, but the remix is catchy and well-put together nonetheless. With this artistic video, we’re reminded that for every DJ that simply “presses play” there is another who is an extraordinarily talented musician.