Tomorrowland In Your Living Room: Legendary Festival Confirms Live Stream for Both Weekends

Tomorrowland to stream both weekends

One big thing promoters have learned over the past year is just how severely ravers suffer from FOMO. We had our first inklings last year but the first real diagnosis came from Ultra Music Festival 2014 and the copious amounts of Tweets, Snaps and Instagram posts that many of us were forced to endure. EDC Vegas caught on and not only partnered up with Snapchat for a “Snap-story” of the whole concert, they put together a curated show of every single stage. Now we have the good news (depending on your point of view) that we have all been waiting for: Tomorrowland will stream both weekends. Yes, for the 95% of us who can’t afford to go and are forced to watch from our computers, we can once again torture ourselves with spine-tingling music and mind-melting lights for two weekends in a row. The stream will begin this Friday on Tomorrowland TV and on the Tomorrowland Radio show, both of which can be found on the festival’s official website. The radio broadcast will be non-stop, while the video streaming will happen each day from 3 p.m. EST to 8 p.m. EST. Be sure to join us once again for agonizing delight on Twitter here.