Take A Magical Bus Voyage To TomorrowWorld 2014
Remember watching The Magic School Bus cartoons when you were a kid? Did you ever think that you and your friends could go to a place of mystery and adventure on a magical school bus in your adult years? Well, TomorrowWorld is making that childhood dream a reality with its Magical Bus Voyages. Departing from 28 major cities, TomorrowWorld’s Magical Bus Voyage offers a less expensive alternative to air travel, easier transport of camping gear, and the opportunity to meet others traveling to the picturesque and serene surroundings of Chattahoochee Hills. From as far North as Albany, New York or down south as Miami, Florida or further West as Austin Texas, bus voyages start as low as $79 with the option of a payment plan also provided. So, travel to the most premiere 21+ electronic music festival in America worry free and with the chance to meet new friends a long the way. For more information on departing cities, pricing, and payment plan, visit the TomorrowWorld website and to purchase your bus voyage visit the Magical Bus Voyage Ticket Shop.