Sokool – Himmy Jendrix (Talul Remix)

Talul has never been one to follow the flavor-0f-the-month trends that come in and out with dance music, something that’s quite evident in his latest remix of Sokool’s track Himmy Jendrix. Raised by parents from two entirely different cultural backgrounds, his downtempo beats may seem to come out of left field, but they are always jam packed with the uniquely haunting and ethereal harmonies of the far east. We’re introduced to drifting and floating sounds from the track’s onset, along with thumping kicks and slowly evolving pads set to a mellow mood that carries into the break. The leads at the back half of the break interweave over the chords just enough to bring up the energy before exploding into the final hook. As the ideas develop and parts come together, a dark and beautiful atmosphere is created that only the likes of Talul could produce. Head over to Beatport to purchase your copy of this beautiful downtempo tune.