Skream – Still Lemonade

Skream - Still Lemonade

London based producer/DJ, Oliver Jones, better known as Skream is considered one of the most prominent pioneers of dubstep. Over the years he has experimented with various high-energy musical genres such as drum & bass, house, techno, and most recently, a nu-disco sound. Still Lemonade is a brand new, festival friendly, progressive house tune just released by Skream. The track begins with some vigorous drumbeats packed with robust snares and hi-hats that steadily march along a faint but dark ambient tune. As “Still Lemonade” progresses, an abrasive retro-synth melody is launched and sweeps and swells along the track as its dimension expands. During the breakdown, a clever twist on altering reverbs back and forth from big room to small room suspends the tension of the track and then releases the pervasive 8-bit sounding synths back into space. The mysterious ambient chords slowly creeps to the surface and takes center stage as the track gradually comes to the end. “Still Lemonade” has yet to be assigned to any labels, so stay tuned for more info! In the meantime, check out the fresh beats below!