Rob Swire Pendulum Album
Late last year, Rob Swire set up a daunting task for himself and Knife Party partner Gareth McGrillen: take a break from touring and produce both a new Knife Party album as well as a new Pendulum album. Fans around the world rejoiced at the prospect of new music, and this weekend they got a little bit more clarity on what their future holds. Swire tweeted at a fan Saturday (since deleted) saying that “Pend work begins around September, probably released early next year.” While this is a delay from the original hopeful date of late 2014, it is still promising news, showing that the band is taking their time with the new music. Last month the duo announced news on the new Knife Party LP via Twitter, saying “9 of 12 tracks confirmed, 5 in the “maybe” pile, 5 in the “ideas” stage. 2 weeks til mastering,” and that “The album will be titled “Abandon Ship”. Coming to a whatever near you, whenever we finish it. Good day.” Now with the World Cup over we can start looking forward to the next six months and the anticipation for brand new music from Rob Swire and Co. Stay tuned.