Pasquale Rotella Hints At Idea of Two Weekends for EDC Las Vegas

The dust hasn’t settled from EDC’s showdown this past month just yet. While we were in Vegas for the annual Electric Daisy Carnival, a gem of information slipped past us. Pasquale Rotella, the CEO and Ultimate Experience Creator for Insomniac Events, sat down with Las Vegas weekly during EDC week to answer some hard-hitting questions. He reflected on his DJ life when he went by the name “Mindbender”; his upcoming memoir; and, most importantly, the potential for EDC Vegas to take place over two weekends. Ultra Music Festival, Holy Ship!, Coachella and Tomorrowland are among some of the music festivals to try and utilize the two-weekend method, and the results are clear: people are clamoring for the chance to check these events out when they can, and the pros outweigh the cons.

Are you still thinking about expanding EDC Vegas to two weekends? Absolutely I would think about that. I go back and forth about it. I’m going to reconsider it after this year and see how it goes. But it’s something that makes a lot of sense in regards to doing a crazy production, because you can spread the production costs over two weekends and really make things make sense. It’s hard to make these budgets make sense. People think that everyone’s getting rich off it, but it’s very difficult; it’s very expensive. Two weekends would help us to do even maybe a little more. I think it’s good enough, but there are people who want to go who can’t go. I don’t know if two weekends is too big, but I’m going to feel it out coming out of this year.

With over 400,000 people in attendance at this year’s EDC over the course of three days, and a BOOMING economic impact on Las Vegas, a second weekend doesn’t seem like such an improbable thing. Rotella admitted that the idea is not a lost cause, and now we can only hope that the idea becomes a reality, strictly because the sold-out event deserves to have as many goers as possible to experience the magic that Insomniac brings us, every single year.

via Las Vegas Weekly