Dutch Design Company Creates Solar-Powered Outdoor DJ Booth Called Fono
The Netherlands is the breeding ground of innovation in the electronic dance music genre, no doubt about that. Now, a brand new, and environmentally friendly, product has been debuted from Yalp, a Dutch design company. Taking the beloved DJ booth from the dark clubs to the streets (literally), Fono, can be used outdoors with unbelievable ease. According to Deep House Amsterdam, “Fono” is a public DJ booth that allows anybody to use it and all that is required is a smartphone to connect your music library. Since it’s solar-powered, the equipment can be used in a park, backyard, or even set up on the sidewalk.

According to Yalp, “[Fono is] made to dare minors and teens to explore their musical creativity, to let them make, rearrange and share music with their mobile phone and to create a social meeting place for them”. As if Dutch DJs weren’t rampant enough, now they will be starting even younger. We’re talking the potential to have these bad boys in playgrounds and at schools! Yalp released a mini commercial / informational to discuss the future of this Fono, and even though it isn’t a fully functioning booth used by more experienced producers and DJs, people can practice the basics and keep the music going anywhere.

Source: Yalp, Deep House Amsterdam