Mumble Man

Duke Dumont – Mumble Man
Label: Turbo Recordings | Release Date: July 28, 2014

With his new single ‘Won’t Look Back’ due out in August (and a great music video already out to go with it) the days-away-advent of Duke Dumont’s ‘For Club Play Only Vol. 3’ EP feels like it’ll be here in no time. The FCPO series helped put Duke on the map back in 2012, as it brought us some of his best work including ‘The Giver’ and ‘Street Walker’; the next installment in the series is almost here and ‘Mumble Man‘ is our latest glimpse into what’s to come.

‘Mumble Man’ is a straight up bass bumpin’ and fist pumpin’ groover with a the funkiest scat implemented in a track since Scatman John (but if you can find a better example please share it with us.) To make things even better there’s a healthy serving of classic cowbell, and who’s gonna complain about some kick ass cowbell? In fact, I wouldn’t surprised if the cowbell a heavy percussion were why ‘Mumble Man’ made it to Pete Tong’s Essential Selection last week.

Duke Dumont’s ‘Mumble Man’ proves that this 4-track EP is stripping things down to bare-bones dance music with catchy riffs and good party vibes. Now that’s something we can get down to.