Deadmau5 and Deorro Go Head to Head on Twitter About Tomorrowland Food Tokens
Deorro took to Twitter earlier today regarding his frustrations with Tomorrowland’s hospitality. This is what occurred:

Deadmau5 got word of Deorro’s rant and to no surprise, decided to chime in. Tomorrowland fans may have to thank Deadmau5 for how things unraveled from the troll master’s response.


Deadmau5’s comments seemed to have an effect on Deorro because shortly after, Deorro had a change of heart.


Deorro ends his Twitter rant by apologizing, saying he got caught up in the heat of the moment. After his performance on the Dim Mak stage today, he plans to perform once again Saturday afternoon on the Main Stage. He also added that he was very drunk and regrets his decision on taking his anger out on Twitter: