David Guetta’s Awkward Tomorrowland Stage Presence Becomes Viral Sensation

David Guetta Spacing Out at Tomorrowland
Frenchman David Guetta drew a lot of attention this week after a clip from his live-streamed set at Tomorrowland went viral. The clip, viewed by hundreds of thousands around the world, shows Guetta staring straight ahead, hardly moving a muscle. Immediately, allegations of drug use went wild, but who knows what actually caused this physical lapse. All of these DJ’s have intense touring schedules that wear them down,  Perhaps exhaustion or dehydration was getting the best of Guetta in the moment.

It is always disconcerting when drugs and dance music are paired together with the magnified focus the media puts on drug use within the culture. Jumping to conclusions is not good for the community or for David Guetta, so we should avoid making any claims. Regardless of the cause, several moments of David Guetta staring into your soul will give you quite a laugh; check out the clip below.