Porter Robinson Brings His Vision to Life with “Lionhearted” Music Video

Porter Robinson is bringing his vision of musicality  and art to the world with the music video for his single, Lionhearted ft. Urban Cone. The video shows Porter and his gang of beautiful Japanese kawaii girls (for those unfamiliar with the term kawaii refers to something that is obnoxiously adorable, usually stemming from Japanese culture) girls geared up to the teeth with guns, bats and other weapons to bring digital color to their urban neighborhood. Led by gang leader Porter Robinson, the vigilante army moves about the streets to the beat, smashing color into the dull world. Then, to bring the anime-inspired music video to a close the girls turn on Porter, shooting him and leaving him for dead before finishing the job a few seconds later by blowing up the building with a bazooka; something a portion of his fans want to do after hearing him abandon his sound for a completely alien style. The music video is an expression of Porter himself wanting to change the monotonous music culture around him with his unique style of music that will be featured on his new album ‘Worlds.’ The album comes out August 12th and “Lionhearted” is available now.