Porter Robinson Gives Extensive 45-Minute Interview on ‘Worlds’ & More

America’s most buzzed about abstract producer, Porter Robinson, has successfully gotten not just the EDM world, but lovers of good music in general itching to hear his first studio album “Worlds”. Being so close, yet so far, fans are now about a month and a half away from getting their hands on Porter’s unique collection. Luckily, there have been three officially released singles and a newest single heard on his most recent BBC Radio 1 mix “Flicker,” and now we have the first very in-depth interview with Porter on the subject of his mysterious and almost mythical first album. The 45 minute interview with Virgin’s Abbey Raymonde is chalk-full of want-to-know content; getting into a natural and detailed conversation where Porter discusses the sophisticated and complex process of completing specific records, the interviewer’s personally opinion on the album, the refreshingly unusual message of “Worlds”, and of course, some humorous and lighthearted non-album talk. If getting more excited for Worlds wasn’t possible, this interview certainly has done the job!