Ephixa - Catfish

Ephixa, one of the founders and artists of the booming independent label Monstercat, graces the world with a mesmerizing trance record entitled ‘Catfish’ after quietly disappearing from the spotlight for an entire year. In an AMA on Reddit the Monstercat team was very cordial, explaining Ephixa’s absence as so: “Ephixa, as an artist, took some time off to focus on other projects and his personal life. However, word on the street is that he is back at producing and we are looking forward to hearing his new work.” This buzz has rapidly developed into a grand welcoming of Ephixa’s highly-awaited presence. The song opens up with a minimal kick before moving into a simplistic trance progression. As the song unravels, the chords become greater in size and energy, creating a formidable wall of sound that evaporates away in an instant, returning back to a minimal trance beat. However, as soon as it the drop hits, Ephixa brings back the sound he used to win all of our hearts with as he did in his dubstep remix of ‘Song of Storms.’ There is no release date or download link available, but one thing is for sure: Ephixa is back.

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