Deadmau5 Releases Teaser From Gumball 3000, Featuring Music From New Album


It has long been a dream of mine to participate in the Gumball 3000 rally, but until I can pony up the nearly $70,000 entry fee, not to mention afford a car that won’t get me laughed off the road, it’ll likely remain just a distant fantasy. So, I can appreciate it all the more that Deadmau5, who was a first-time participant in this year’s event, documented his own Gumball 3000 experience and shared some of it with us in a new mini-teaser.

The video displays serene shots of Joel Zimmerman with driving partner Tory Belleci, of Mythbusters fame, as they cruise from Miami to Ibiza, literally, in the infamous nyancat-themed Purarri. Perhaps best of all, the teaser also features snippets of tracks off of Deadmau5’s new album, While (1<2), which feel utterly perfect alongside the stunning visuals. What isn’t featured in the teaser, however, is the fact that Deadmau5 & Belleci won the Spirit of Gumball Award as the team that best embodied the spirit of the rally.

Whether you’re a fan of the music, the cars, or both, you surely won’t be sorry to spend the next 4 minutes & 34 seconds of your life watching this video. If this teaser is any indication, the full video will be pretty amazing, and we’ll surely be keeping an eye out for news of its release.