CAZZETTE – Sleepless ft. The High (Official Music Video)

CAZZETTE may be best known for their high-energy, dub-electro anthems, tracks like “Beam Me Up” and “Run For Cover” that layer hooking melodies over driving bass. But when they released their latest single “Sleepless” back in May, it showed an entirely different side to the Swedish duo. A softer, deeper house track than we’ve come to expect from them, it was a beautiful display of the range of these budding producers.

As beautiful as it sounded, the track was really a story about lost love, sadness and betrayal, and nowhere is that more clearly displayed than in the official video. In what’s easily one of the more cinematic videos we’ve seen in a while, the themes of “Sleepless” are told much more visually than audibly, where the track serves as backdrop music to the story of an eerie & suddenly surprising encounter between a man and woman. While some fans seem to have missed the connection between the video and the track, one can’t deny the artistry and elegance of this production from At Home Studios. In fact, it’s really refreshing to see artists utilize the video to bring their a song to life in a whole new light, as we’ve certainly taken on an entirely new impression of the track. It’s truly exciting to think about what these guys will come up with next.