Having taken the music industry by storm last year with their five time Grammy Award-winning album “Random Access Memories,”  revered, helmet-adorned duo of pop culture and unequivocal icon of electronic music is further being immortalized through a Daft Punk-inspired art show. Gauntlet Gallery in San Francisco is debuting its second Daft Punk only gallery – aptly named “Daft Punk Deux” – on May 31st which will showcase original works of over 40 painters, sculptures, digital and screen print artists.

Though the iconic, futuristic helmets will be subject to a large portion of the artwork, we can only anticipate the interstellar inspiration fans have drawn from live performances, videos, and music – both old and new. Expect to see some ingenious plays on classic artworks, entrancing pictorials of your favorite songs, and of course, lots of Daft Punk favorites bumping in the background. Check out some pieces below and visit Gauntlet Gallery’s website for all gallery images and information.