Nero Breaks Three Year Silence with ‘Satisfy’ from Upcoming Album

Since the release of their groundbreaking LP ‘Welcome Reality’ back in 2011, Dan, Joe, and Alana, commonly known as the bass-centered-trio NERO, break their elusive hiatus to bring us ‘Satisfy.’ After being premiered for the first time on the iconic dance station, BBC Radio 1, by Zane Lowe on his ‘Hottest Record in The World’ show, the track will be available on iTunes at midnight.

Throughout the tune, Alana’s ethereal vocal lines drift over a rolling bass line that is sure to put entire stadiums into a downtempo trance. The pounding drums and bass are contrasted eerily against soothingly-ominous strings and pads, which has always been a staple of NERO’s unique sound. The title of the song itself, especially after quite a long hiatus from productions and little other information behind the track, makes us wonder what is coming around the corner in the near future from the bass-gods known as NERO. Guess there’s only one way to find out.