Mysteryland USA: Come Be a Part of History

Incomparably theatrical stage productions, a premiere lineup  mottled with both established masters and upcoming talent, and the actualization of a surreal, wonderland daydream aside, Mysteryland USA is more than another music festival in the midst of a chaotic upsurge of festivals capitalizing on the recent EDM explosion – it’s a chance to be a part of musical history, a chance to create another unforgettable milestone in your personal history.

You’re wringing your hands because you missed Swedish House Mafia’s last concert at Ultra Miami 2013, gnashing your teeth for missing the inaugural TomorrowWorld, and still wiping away tears for missing Bingo Players before the unfortunate loss of Paul, don’t add the inaugural Mysteryland USA to a growing list of regrets.

It may be premature to say we are twirling upon the zenith of the electronic music movement, but it’s unequivocal EDM is wreaking an incredible uproar of commotion – I mean, electronic music veterans Above and Beyond proclaim us the ‘Electronic Music Generation’ don’t they? And amongst the inundation of popup festivals riding the fame and fortune of EDM, ID&T’s Mysteryland has been a longstanding proponent – the longest-running electronic music festival to be exact – of electronic music, its ardent sense of community, and the entire fanciful festival experience itself. With a reputation to behold, the 21+ festival can hopefully provide a mature breadth and depth of experience with its wide spectrum of international, musical talent and festival ancillaries such as the Love Chapel.

Annually held in the homeland of copious renown DJs the Netherlands, Mysteryland was the first of its kind in 1993 and now boasts two decades of transporting its attendees physically, mentally, and spiritually to a surreal weekend of musical and artistic bewilderment. And what you may not have known is that Mysteryland is the genesis, the festival motherboard for both TomorrowLand and TomorrowWorld. The saying goes, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” and though hidden in the shadows of its more prominent offspring, Mysteryland garners all the credit for key values and imaginative concoctions of all the ID&T festivals.

For the record, attending the first Mysteryland in the United States makes you a part of history. Attending the first Mysteryland on the iconic grounds of 1969’s legendary Woodstock festival, Bethel Woods, allows you to relive history. But most importantly, Mysteryland USA gives you an unprecedented opportunity to create something magical in your personal history.

Electronic music aside, us festival chasers are experience collectors, lovers, and cravers. We value the unexpected connections we make with absolute strangers, the inexplicable moments of overwhelming emotion brought on by music, and the simple, yet unforgettable memories of trading kandi, preparing creative outfits, and conversing with your tent neighbors all night. And all exaggeration aside, lives and perspectives can be and are changed by seemingly trivial moments at festivals – ask anyone who has attended one. Mysteryland USA will inculcate a weekend-long journey to help amass these kinds of forever mental snapshots.

Mysteryland was an early leap of faith in what is now a mammoth industry, and though longevity may be a testament to it’s unbelievable experience – be a pioneer, be a part of history, and experience Mysteryland USA #1 yourself.

Tickets still available for the Memorial Day adventure HERE.